How We Write Our Songs

Gooday Ya’ll!

We thought it would be a swell idea to let ya’ll in on the way we go about writing our tunes that we have recorded and that we have performed.

Now while writing music is no exact formula, we want ya’ll to realise that ya’ll can write music any which way you choose. The following is just an overall idea of how WE go about doing it.

The Drum Beat

The foundation to our music is the percussion side of thing. We get our drum beat or percussion groove going first. The reason for this is because we feel the drums are the most important part of steering the direction of the song that we write.

The Bass Line Gets Written

Once the drums/percussion and groove gets it’s thing down, we let the bass come in and lay down a bass line that suits the groove of the song. Sid (our bass man) does this incredibly well. Get to know our band here.

The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar usually comes in now with a chord progression. As you can see so far, writing a song is much like laying the foundations and building a house. We do it layer by layer as it makes the most logical and musical sense to us. We’d be interested to hear your feedback regarding how you and your band go about writing your tunes.

The Banjo

Our banjo player Mr Paul Brown is a two time state champion for bluegrass banjo so not much more needs to be said. It’s the best of the best.

The Harmonica

The harmonica is the final touch to our tunesĀ  giving us the melody that glues the song together is the best way possible.

The Lyrics get written with a pen on paper

The last piece to our music writing puzzle is coming up with the lyrics. We go about this by using our trusty gel pen to write down words we feel the song is asking for. Then we take those words and make sentences. We like to harmonize together so it is great for us to all come up with the lyrics together.

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